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Millsey's NASCAR 2007
Rosters & Scoring

Welcome to the homepage of our NASCAR fantasy league for 2007.  I checked out several ways of doing things for this season, but I thought it might be nice to simply conduct our draft and handle things the way we had done in the past. 
Our team owners this year include Steve and Matt Blair, John and Zac McDowell, Billy Sancegraw, Don Dunlap, Waide Goggins and little ole' me, Jeff Mills.
We will start our draft ASAP and draft four drivers.  Three drivers you will start each week.  All three drivers will receive full points, screw that 1/2 point shit.  I could just see Dale Earnhardt crossing the finish line only to be told, "Sorry Dale, that fucking Steve Blair used you as his third driver this week so you only get paid half...."  I don't think that would go over too well, do you????

Current Standings
Red Division:           Wins-Losses
3.  Don Dunlap                     3-0
2.  Jeff Mills                           2-1
4. Steve Blair                        1-2 
1.  Waide Goggins               0-3 
Blue Division:
6. Billy Sancegraw              3-0
5. John McDowell               2-1
8. Matt Blair                          1-2
7. Zac McDowell                 1-2

2007 Season Is Underway
Tony Stewart won the Bud Shootout Saturday to open the 2007 racing season..

This is my on-line racing newspaper
Now in it's 11th season!!! The Driver's Seat....

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If any of you ever need to talk with me, just phone day or night at (573) 747-0566.  We will actually run our NASCAR league until the start of the NFL regular season starts...  Thanks and let's have some fun with this.

Millsey's NASCAR League: