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Welcome to the official webpage of the new Doe Run Raceway in Doe Run, Missouri.
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Casey Barnhouse of Farmington, Mo. represents an outstanding group of Multi/Micro Sprint class racers that will compete weekly at the Doe Run Raceway.
About the Doe Run Raceway
The Doe Run Raceway will race a new class of cars called Mini Stocks that will allow area racers a very affordable form of racing. The Mini Stocks are four-cylinder, rear-wheel drive cars light trucks.
“If anyone was ever interested in getting into racing and just couldn’t afford it before this is their chance,” said track owner/operator Bobby Johnson. “We’ve had a lot of interest in the class.”
The Doe Run Raceway will also be racing multi and micro sprints and go-karts.
For information on the Doe Run Raceway phone (573) 756-3031.

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