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Driver's Seat Owner/Publisher Honored by 

St. Louis Auto Racing Fan Club during Banquet


Bob Mueller Award

(presented for the 17th time)

"The Bob Mueller Award honors an individual for their work behind the scenes to make racing successful.  This year’s recipient is the motorsports voice of southeastern Missouri.

You can hear him announce at local tracks and read his reports on the web or in his publication the Driver’s Seat.  He secures sponsorships, holds fundraisers, owns two race vehicles, and led a racing organization.  The St. Louis Auto Racing Fan Club is delighted to salute Jeff Mills and present him the Bob Mueller Award."


I'm tremendously honored to have received this award from the St. Louis Auto Racing Fan Club.  I've worked in media since graduating from high school in 1976 and working with the racing community here in our region is truely something very special to me. --   Jeff Mills, Driver's Seat owner/publisher

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Driver's Seat Driver of the Year for 2006
Gladys Edwards (right) is our "Driver of the Year".

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Jeff Mills, Publisher


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